Have to Get Away

Even though I’m a couple of days back at the daily grind I thought I’d tell you a little more about our vacation. Mark and I have been going to Hilton Head just about each of the last 8-9 years thanks to the generosity of my parents who own several weeks in time shares.  We have been very spoiled by vacationing to condos with 2-3 bedrooms and as many bathrooms and I now can’t imagine spending more then a couple of nights in a single hotel room with kids (I’m a brat, I know). Last year we drank the kool-aid and bought a week for ourselves.  We own at the Marriott Surf Watch and it’s fabulous.  This was our first trip with our week (I’ve been to this resort before with my parents) so it was great to confirm that we love our purchase.  

Since we’ve vacationed here so often we know what we love about the island and what we can skip.  This made for a very relaxing trip where the biggest decision was “pool or beach?”.  Our days pretty much consisted of letting M dig herself silly on the mostly deserted beach, going back to the condo for lunch and naps (which we all took, every day), swimming – some days outside, some days inside, dinner, then another jaunt to the beach for some more digging action.  

The great thing about the condos are the full kitchens and we stock ours for several meals in as soon as we arrive.  But, I can’t be near the ocean without indulging in as much fresh seafood as possible.  This trip with my diet restrictions (no drinking, ultra low-fat foods) I was worried about eating out but then remembered grilled or steamed fish and seafood is perfect.  Our first night we were too tired from the drive to think about making dinner in so we headed to a touristy spot that is a usual place for us to go: the Crazy Crab. This is a mecca for vacationers: casual, kid friendly, nothing fancy.  We usually go to the one in Harbour Town but this time we went to the one on the intercostal waterway and it was a beautiful view.  While their menu features everything fried there was a nightly special with grilled fish, shrimp and veggies that I ordered.  The food is okay, nothing special but perfect for a first night out.

Later in the week we took a recommendation from the staff and tried the Sea Shack.  We were told it was good, very fresh seafood at cheap prices and a local favorite.  The place was hard to find and when we did find it there was a line 20 deep.  “No way” we said, then discovered that it was a few minutes before 5:00 and it wasn’t open.  We change our tune; “Must be a good place!” and get in line.  We wait about 25 minutes before we even get inside.  The place is small – maybe 15 tables and very, very unpretentious.  There is a board with all the fresh catch selections along with the standard fare.  Everything can be grilled, fried or blackened and comes with 2 sides and hush puppies.  I order grilled scallops at the counter and snag one of the last empty tables, Mark gets blackened shrimp and we get M the kiddie popcorn shrimp meal.  Add in drinks and and piece of blueberry-keylime pie to go and the total is about $30.  I wasn’t expecting much but I got a dozen good-sized scallops that were cooked perfectly, a huge serving of parmesan mashed potatoes and salad – all for $11!  Everything is served on disposable plates with plastic utensils.  Like I said, not fancy but oh so good and cheap. When we left there was still a line 20 deep out the door.

Our last night there Mark chose the restaurant and we headed to Captain Woody’s at Palmetto Bay Marina.  We had never been to this part of the island before and will most likely go back.  It seems like a very fun place to hang out and have a few beers on a nice night.  The night we were there it was chilly and pouring rain so no beers at the outdoor bar for us.  Instead we ate inside listening to the chatter of all the regulars at the bar.  The menu was decent but didn’t have much to offer with my low-fat needs.  I ended up with grilled grouper and Mark had the shrimp po’boy. M had PB&J and cottage cheese and a few cocktail shrimp. I wouldn’t say this place was exceedingly kid friendly but that might be different on a warmer night sitting on the patio.  Next spring when we go with family this would be a great place to head when we can leave the kid at home with grandparents.

Rounding out our trip was the ubiquitous trip to Harbour Town and South Beach (we had to get M a Salty Dog shirt) and a rainy day visit to the Sandbox – a new find.  

As usual a trip to the low country left us relaxed and recharged.  A stop over in Saxapahaw to see Lindsay on the way home was icing on the cake.

Back to Reality

We are back from vacation and I have to say that this past week was about 10x more relaxing and fun then I ever thought a vacation with a 2 year old could be.  A lot of that has to do with my awesome hubby who did the abundance of chores while we were there (laundry, dishes, etc.) and who let me sleep in every single morning.  A lot also has to do with the BEACH – there is no better place on earth to let a toddler wear herself out then on a nearly empty beach on a warm day.  I’ll post more soon, including pictures; but if you are looking for a great place to take little ones all I can say is head to the shore.


A week in Hilton Head is exactly what we all needed. Warm weather, sunny blue skies, acres of sand for M to dig in, and lazy unscheduled days. Not to mention all the fresh seafood (we discovered M loves shrimp!) It’s just what the doctor ordered.

Quick Update

Last Wednesday (10/1) in the early AM I went to the ER with severe abdominal pain.  That night I went back – gallstones.  They admitted me to the hospital and on Thursday I had a ERCP to remove two stones that had escaped the gallbladder and lodged in my bile duct.  Should of been pretty easy with a gallbladder removal scheduled for the next day.  

Thursday night I went from being tired and a little sore to being in severe pain, begging for drugs (and I had a natural childbirth, so this was no joke!).  Friday I found out I was one of the 5% of patients who develop Pancreatitis after the procedure.  

All told I was in the hospital 8 nights/9 days.  I wasn’t allowed to eat or drink for 5 of them.

I’m still tender, can only eat soft foods, can barely pick up M, and am running a constant low-grade fever.

Mark is a superhero of a husband.  

My mom came to help out for a good chunk of time and my sister is here for a few days.  It’s been a whirlwind.

A week from today we are supposed to leave for a one-week family trip… I think we all need it.