Photo Journal – Christmas 2011

This holiday season has been so much fun. I swear 5 years old it the exact perfect age for Christmas. Matilda has just been so wrapped up in everything and it’s so amazing to see her experience it all. I’ve teared up more than once over the past few weeks. Madman is 20 months with is just when they start to get into the groove of the holiday thing.

Decorating the tree was a big deal this year, as was attending a breakfast with Santa. While the Madman is just fine with Santa Matilda is not; she prefers the company of reindeer.


She likes the idea of him but she wants nothing to do with him. She didn’t even really want him to come to our house and told him to take her toys elsewhere. While this seems very sweet, I think it has more to do with her general fear of anyone in costume then it does with selflessness.

The weekend before Christmas we celebrated with the extended family. The kids got dressed up in their Sunday best and then I died from the cute because my baby was in a coat and tie!

Matilda, being all about the horses these days, was thrilled with her Jessie outfit and dolls from my sister’s family. It was a wonderful weekend of family (and tons of food).

This year we started the tradition of allowing the kids to open their sibling gifts on Christmas Eve. Matilda was so proud to have picked out a rescue helicopter for Madman and he earned his place as best little brother ever when she opened his gift to her: 3 horseback riding lessons! She knocked him over with her hug. (It’s a good thing Madman has @elauer watching Groupon for him… she helped him find the discounted lessons).

Christmas day was spent relaxing at home, even if they kids did wake us up before 6:30. Santa brought Disney on Ice tickets and the Lion King for Matilda while Madman got books and a letter toy.

Under the tree were a scooter and Leapster Explorer for Matilda along with trucks and cars for Madman. Some games and a car ramp from my brother rounded out a very fun day.


I hope you had a wonderful holiday, too.