Good-Bye 2010

I can’t believe it’s time for another wrap-up post. When it comes to my adult life, 2010 just flew by faster than any other year I can recall. While I may not me the most prolific blogger or keep to any kind of schedule, I’m so happy I have this place to chronicle our life. I love this family to pieces and this year I feel like we are complete. So, here is 2010 in review:

  • Allowed my daughter to full-fill her ballerina dreams. A year later and she’s still dancing.
  • Had much angst over what order my son’s first and middle names would be.
  • Remained 100% confounded by RITA (Regional Income Tax Authority). I don’t think I will ever get it right.
  • Blogged political. Again.
  • Sat court-side at a few CAVS games.
  • Tried to soak in every final moment of being a family of 3.
  • Gave birth to the mighty MAD.
  • Knew without any doubt that our family of 4 was complete.
  • Took an infant and a preschooler strawberry picking. By myself. (where is my medal?)
  • Celebrated the 10th anniversary of marrying my perfect match.
  • Was lucky enough to become friends with some wonderful local bloggers.
  • Ate several meals from our favorite chef.
  • Saw my girl turn 4.
  • Wrote about a professional athlete on my blog. Ugh. Can’t believe I gave him space.
  • Cheered on my husband as he ran a 5K, a 10K and a half-marathon.
  • Tried to get back into a workout routine (I’m still working on that).
  • Started stressing out about M and Kindergarten. Already.
  • Laughed at something M did or said on a daily basis.
  • Finally visited Velvet Tango Room.
  • Marveled at the boy and how fast his babyhood is going by.
  • Had our family portrait taken. (Thanks Heather, for making us ALL sit in front of your camera!)
  • Marked 3 years of living in the CLE.

2010 was a great year for many reasons. I’m sad to see it go but can’t wait to see what 2011 has to throw our way! Happy New Year!

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Merry Christmas

As I mentioned last year, we do our big family Christmas gathering before the day itself. Last weekend we were in Lima where M got to go crazy with her cousins and MAD got to meet his oldest cousin for the 1st time.  While we were there shots were taken

cousins were met and adored

cookies were decorated

cracker houses were constructed

and the snow was played in

And that was just one day! More family came to visit on Sunday and we all came home exhausted but happy.

With family obligations out of the way, it gave us the last 2 days to just relax at home and make our own traditions and memories. One tradition is that we open gifts from my college BFF “Aunt Linds” on Christmas Eve.  She spoils my kids rotten.

Last night Santa stopped by and loaded up the tree.

And this morning M was thrilled to find a stocking full of Christmas books (one of the things she asked the big guy to get for her) and tickets to see Toy Story on Ice

From us she got more books including a beautifully illustrated Nutcracker to mark her 1st year of seeing the ballet. And she also found a brand new musical jewelry box under the tree. She has been fascinated with the old beat-up one from my childhood so we decided she needed her own. She was delighted

MAD got several board books from Santa, much to his gnawing pleasure.

From us he got a “fill and spill” toy and… more books.  We are a nerdy bunch.

Overall it was a wonderful holiday, which wouldn’t be complete without the obligatory pajama shot:

Too Fast

How did this tiny little thing

Become this big guy already?

How did he figure out how to do this so soon?

And this…

And this?

Someone tell him to slow down. It’s going too fast.