Still Here

It’s been a ridiculous 24 days since my last post and just about every night I’ve felt like I should be writing but I haven’t wanted to bore you with my constant whines of “I wanna be pregnant and I’m not!”.  Because that is pretty much all that’s been on my mind.  And of course all I see are pregnant women EVERYWHERE.  And M has been telling everyone that she’s getting “a baby brudder from the hospital” which raises eyebrows and then I have to assure them – no, I’m not expecting…I swear.  So there’s that.  It’s been nearly 4 months since the miscarriage and I am ready…more then ready.

Moving on – vacation was great, but a bit rushed.  Mark got home from 4 days in San Francisco the evening before we left, then had to work during 2 of our vacation days.  However, M got to spend a ton of time with her cousin who lives in Florida so that was a major bonus.


And now that the weather has gone from snow to 85 degrees in the space of 4 days our lives are filled with yardwork, outside play and exploring the area.  Today we ventured out to the South Chagrin Reservation Metropark to an area I read about here and discovered a wonderland stream perfect for playing.  Shallow, slow water, 2 little waterfalls, tons of fish and tadpoles and a flat (not rocky) riverbed begging to be waded on. We all had a great time and M got soaked.  We will be back there a lot this summer as it’s the kind of place you could just sit in the stream and play on a hot day.



The Apple Doesn’t Fall Far

We are leaving for Hilton Head early Sunday morning to join my parents, brother and newphew for a week at the beach.  I remember as a kid we used to spend a week or two every summer at a little apartment on Clear Lake and our huge Oldsmobile Custom Cruiser station wagon would be packed to the seams, with the three of us kids and the dog fighting it out in the backseat.  I never imagined I would turn into my parents, and yet I just finished writing typing up a list that starts like this:

Chargers (phone & camera)
Floaties & life jacket
Bike helmet
Air mattress
Golf clubs
Sand toys
DVD player & DVDs
Backseat toys & books
Diaper Bag
Beach towels
Beach blanket
Beach umbrellas
Beach ball

(yes, I type my packing list – shut up)

Hopefully our smaller, modern station wagon will hold it all.