Boob Tube

A few questions for the Noggin Network* (with apologies to any reader who doesn’t have toddlers).

Little Bear
Why is Little Bear naked while Father Bear and Mother Bear are always decked out in elaborate three-piece suits and full gowns? 

What’s up with Uncle Rusty?  First, shouldn’t his name be “Uncle Bear” …how come he gets a proper name but no one else does?  Also, is he a swinger or something?  Why, when the other adult bears are in full, formal attire does he get to run around in bib overalls with no shirt and a kerchief around his neck?  Does he have a swingers party to attend later?

Since when does a bear need a fishing pole to catch a fish?

Emily is a bit of a controlling brat.

Where did Mitzi come from?  A monkey in the middle of the woods frolicking with bears and owls and ducks?  A cat is enough of a stretch, but a monkey – get real!

Max & Ruby
What parent in thier right mind would leave their child with Ruby?  Even if she is Max’s sister, she’s not all there.  Max hides behind a potted plant during hide and seek and Ruby can’t find him; she lets him take ice cream in the bathtub several times, creating a mess each time; she allows a toddler who only speaks a few words to go to the grocery store BY HIMSELF; she ignores him while she invites her own friends over to play, and she’s not bright enough to tell when Max has swapped out his monster toys for her dolls.  I don’t know about you, but those are all qualities I look for in a baby-sitter.  Besides, just where is their mother?  The only adult ever around is their grandmother.  If I had a daughter like Ruby I guess I would be hiding away somewhere boozing up, too.

Lazy Town
Um, WTF????

Other than the annoying voices I kind of like this one

The Upside Down Show
For the love of god, please film some more episodes!  If I have to hear the “very hairy” song again or hear about the “shirsday smarty” one more time my ears are going to explode.  And why do David and Shane always have to be doing something FOR THE VERY FIRST TIME? 

I think I need a hobby.

*disclaimer – M really doesn’t watch that much TV, mostly just Sesame Street while we are preparing dinner.  Noggin does however make it’s way on the tube a couple of times a week when we are in need of some downtime.

4 thoughts on “Boob Tube

  1. JMH says:

    Per the Upside Down Show….I use their “remote” to my advantage. Example, if I need Andy to eat his veggies, I push the “eat veggies” button on his “remote”. On the flip side, if he doesn’t like what I am saying, he pushes the “mute” button on mine 🙂

    And Lazy Town is just STRANGE.

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