3 Months to 3-Day

See that shiny pink box over there to the right?  The one that says I’m walking 60 freaking miles over 3 days …in August?  As in 3 short months from now? Yea, so that.  I haven’t really been training for it and it just kind of hit me recently that I’M WALKING 60 MILES and maybe I better prepare for it so I don’t die.  Luckily my employer, who has all sorts of fitness classes and incentives for our main office employees, finally realized that they banished about 2,000 people to a suburban “administrative campus” and that maybe we would like some low-cost classes too, please.  So starting June 2 I will be taking classes 4 days a week right after work here in my building.  Pilates and cardio, to be exact.  Of course I also need to get some outdoor walking in to prepare for this endeavor so I plan to hit the road at least 3 times a week after M goes to bed.  I should be able to get in about 1 – 1 ½ hours in before it gets dark.  Plus, I’ve signed up for a 13-mile training walk on June 28, so that will give me a gauge to see how I’m doing (and if I will survive).

The other component to this is the fundraising. I’ve been a professional fundraiser for 9 years now so this should be cake, right?  I know all the rules of the game and the tricks and tips and could give someone else advice and help any day of the week.  But the funny thing about us fundraisers is that it’s really, really easy to ask for money for some greater cause but when it comes to raising funds for ourselves it’s not so easy.  Not that this money is for ME, mind you, but I am asking people to support a journey that I am taking and that is significantly harder to do. I sent out some of my first asks last week and got some very generous responses.  I’m buoyed but the quick return and the support I’ve received this far but I still have a very long way to go. I can’t believe some people do several of these walks each year. 

If you want to help please click on that box and donate, as everyone says – each dollar counts and it is (of course) tax-deductible. If you know me IRL ask me to go on a walk with you or check in to see how my training is going, accountability is a big thing for me.  Or, just send some support (and maybe a casserole) towards my sweet hubby who is about to become a walking widower.

Holy crap – 3 months…wish me luck!

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