Problem Solved

Last night we saw The Cure in concert.  Awesome show, awesome songs, entertaining crowd.  3 solid hours of music with no breaks.  Two encores (sadly we missed the second in order to get home to the babysitter on time).  It was a fantastic performance. I would see them anytime they came back to Cleveland.  Well, maybe not on a work night…I am so damn tired today.  Honestly, their core fan group has to average between ages 35-40 so you think they could start their weekday shows a bit earlier!

Almost equally entertaining as the stage show was the diverse crowd.  Young Goths, old Goths, parents with their teenage kids, 30-somethings with polo shirts and khakis and the weird 60-something in front of us who I’m guessing was tripping on something. 

We solved our ‘where to go?’ dilemma by dining at Bar Cento last night as we decided to skip the opening act in favor of dinner.  We shared three dishes – sunnyside pizza, braised short-rip appetizer and an order of the divine pommes frites.  Mark had a glass of their newly tapped Christmas Ale and I had a glass of their house white.  We were more than satisfied.  The short-rib was wonderfully tender and flavorful, the pizza was an intriguing combination of flavors and textures (Mark wasn’t a fan as it was “too breakfasty”) and the fries – well the fries I could eat every day! 

It was a perfect date night and apparently one that is popular among the cool kids in town.

Grandma arrives in a few hours and then it’s a couple of days of dinners out and wall-paper scraping!

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