Bronze and Pottery, Lace and Linen

8 years ago today was a picturesque day with clear blue skies. Bald eagles rode the drafts above as I stood in a beautiful garden on Salt Spring Island, BC and pledged my never-ending love and commitment to my amazing husband.  I was not quite 23, he was 28.  I wore orange tennis shoes, he wore a yellow bow tie.

8 years. 


When we met 22 months earlier I knew he was different… he was permanent.  From our first “date” which was after he took me home from a friends house which turned into a late night viewing of the Princess Bride and a nearly all-night gab fest; to us both forgetting where we went on our first proper date.  From the first night I met him that he doesn’t remember.  Even when my father asked if he was a Communist and we tried to elope but couldn’t find a Registry Agent Office or Marriage Commissioner on the last day of our trip.  I knew then like I know now that it’s him and me – end of story.

It’s a keeper.

I love you honey!

3 thoughts on “Bronze and Pottery, Lace and Linen

  1. Yes it was an amazing day 8 years ago (at 3:30 p.m. PST to be exact) and exactly as described. I’d like to add a little funny bit regarding what occurred that day just before the wedding (I’m not talking about bow-tie either). The house where the fam was staying was a great and a very large house. There were clocks everywhere, but they all had different times. Bob and I waited back at the house (clear on the other side of the island) because the bride was going to be in some pre-wed pictures before the ceremony. So we played some pool and waited around for a bit. Then the shock hit me that I was going to be late to my own wedding! One clock had one time and another had something different. Scrambled around and hopped in the car and it had yet another different time that was 5 minutes before the time I was supposed to be there. Did I mention it was clear on the other side of the island through hills, very twisty curves, the main village and 20 minutes away? And that metric system in Canada messes with you on the spedometer! It was especially nerve racking since Kate has her issue with being late (see previous post of her’s) and I just had that little voice in my head that I was late for the wedding.


    We arrived right on time and now have had 8 years of stories like that to share and 8 wonderful years of tried and true love.

    I love you and happy 8th to my awesome wife!

  2. JMH says:

    Bob almost missed the rehersal for our wedding too since he was running late. Just blame him 🙂 Happy Anniversary!

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