Ready, Set, 18!

Today I walked in (and completed) an 18-mile training walk. I walked in my Chaco’s with my feet taped up like the walking wounded and they worked out okay. I still have a few blisters so I’m not sold that these will be my shoes for the walk. Walking 6-7 miles is extremely different from walking 18+.  In the next two weeks I’ll have to make some serious decisions about what shoes to wear on the 3-day. Either way I’m sure I’ll use a lot of tape and band-aids!

I had a bit of a surreal day as I had TWO blogger sightings; this morning about 3 miles into the training walk two runners went by our group of about 20 and were wishing us luck – as they went by me I realized that one of them was Erika. It happened too fast for me to say anything but I wanted to say – “That’s Diabetic Running Mama!” but I knew people would look at me like I was crazy.  Then this evening after a few hours running around the Great Lakes Science Center we headed to the fabulous Bar Cento since I’ve been craving those pomme frites for weeks.  Maggie was being sweet but hyper and running all over the place and just about ran into Chef’s Widow’s chef, Jonathan Sawyer – you know, the culinary rock star that has been in the news a bit lately?  Mark said hi and the Chef was sweet enough to bend down to say hello to our little golden-haired wild child.  All in all it was a great “Cleveland day” and we remarked on the drive home how happy we are with our new city.

Now I’m off to soak my achy feet and get to bed – most likely before it’s dark out.  I’m beat.

One thought on “Ready, Set, 18!

  1. Katy,

    After we passed your group I told my running partner that a fellow blogger was training for the 3-day…I had no idea that I had just run past you. It is such a small world! I’m so happy to hear that your walk went well.

    Sorry about the skunks…I saw three of them at different points during my run…yikes.

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