Happy Birthday, Maggie

Today is M’s second birthday and I’m a bit in shock that we have arrived at this date so quickly.  She is such a fun kid that I couldn’t wish for her to be anything different.  Outgoing, quick to laugh, easily adaptable, independent, daring and sweet.  She loves to read, climb, run, play with her baby dolls and animals, color, sing and explore.  Two years ago her arrival rocked our world and taught us that we never before knew our capacity to love.

Tonight we decided on an impromptu night in Little Italy – dinner at Mama Santa followed by gelato at Presti’s Bakery.  Then we walked around the area, with M insisitng on swinging from our hands in between us, and came upon what looked to be a brand new playground where she ran off all her energy.  It was a delightful evening of quiet celebration.

Her big bash was this past Saturday and we had a houseful of about 17 people to help us celebrate.  M loves having other kids over so having her cousin’s here as well as her friends was celebration enough.  It was a great time.

She helped make her birthday cupcakes.

Having tricycle races with her cousin.

Devouring a cupcake with Aunt Jill (AKA “JMH” from comments).

Playing Project Runway with Grandma & Daddy.

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