Thoughts in the afterglow

Last night was amazing.  I was fully expecting a repeat of 2000 where we would stay up until 4 AM and fall into bed exhausted but still not knowing.  We went out to dinner because I knew if I stayed home I would be a wreck – constantly flipping channels even though polls hadn’t closed yet.  By the time M was down for the night I still wasn’t ready so we watched some recorded TV for a bit.  By the time Mark and I decided to jump in the craziness thinks were already leaning heavily for Obama.  By the time he won Ohio I about fell over from the anxiety and excitement.  When the networks announced the new POTUS-elect so early I wasn’t ready – I was still worked up and anxious so I stayed up to watch the speeches. (let’s not even mention the fact that I couldn’t drink during all of this!)

McCain managed to earn back some of my respect with his speech.  THAT was the McCain that intrigued me in 2000.  THAT was the McCain I might have supported.  THAT was the McCain who could have made this a close election.  I was glad to see him reappear and hope his attitude returns to the Senate with him.  However, those supporters to booed at the mention of Obama?  That is why McCain lost.  Tactless and classless; very much like the way the McCain campaign was run.  The contrast between those boos and the cheers that went up in Chicago when Obama mentioned McCain is exactly what won this for Obama. 

Obama supporters don’t fear or hate John McCain.  They disagree with him on several issues and want the country to go in a different direction than he was proposing to take it.  Unfortunately, McCain supporters do fear and hate Barack Obama because they were told to by the staff of the McCain campaign and especially Sarah Palin.  Lies they told about Obama’s background were repeated ad nauseam even after they were exposed as lies.  The GOP decided personal attacks were more important then discussion of issues and last night the people said enough is enough. 

Barack Obama has enormous expectations to live up to and I don’t think any human alive could possibly meet those expectations.  But, I think he has already proven he will be a fantastic President – he has inspired and motivated countless people before even taking office.  From the very beginning Obama has told people if they want a change the need to work for it – they need to go out and make things happen.  He ran a disciplined campaign, surrounded himself with the best, and asked others to work with him towards a common goal.  I can’t imagine he wouldn’t take that same attitude with him to the White House.

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