Photo Essay

Ever since M spent the weekend with my sister last month she has been OBSESSED with princesses, specifically Ariel from The Little Mermaid.  Whenever we play, I am “Mama Princess Daisy” (apparently from Wii Mario Kart), she is “M Princess Ariel” and Mark is “Prince Eric”.  She is also getting way into dress up and imaginative play, which is a lot of fun.  This weekend she started talking to “bobby” – maybe it’s the start of an imaginary friend?

Princess Maggie Ariel

Princess bathrobe and purse from my Aunt.  Sunglasses from the sister noted above.  Necklace from my collection.

I also mentioned before that the box that our new dishwasher came in has become quite the plaything. We cut a door, windows and a couple of peep-holes in the sides and let M have at it with stickers and crayons.  I sewed up a quick set of curtains for the window and that box has been the most played with toy in the house for the last two weeks.  It’s been a house, a cave and a rocket; turned on it’s side it becomes a robot costume (I don’t get it either but, I go with it) and turned upside-down it’s a pool.

Playdate & M in the box

M & a playdate in the box house

Snacktime in the box

Note the Little Mermaid stickers – a “must purchase” during a trip to JoAnn Fabric to avoid a meltdown over the refusal to buy a $12 humungous sew-on patch of Ariel.  $2 for the stickers seemed like a bargain.

We also were gifted a hand-me-down easel which over the last few days has become the center of attention.  A chalkboard on one side and place for paper and paint on the other, it is a great way to keep her busy for a long stretch of time.  And watching M perfect her two-paintbrush at a time technique has her artist-daddy proud.Painting

Finally, I realized the other day that the awesome Hanna Anderson outfit my mom got M last January is still going strong after a year of heavy use.  This is the third Hanna that has gone through the rotation in this house and has held up for over a year.  Their stuff is pricey but it wears like iron and is made so that it grows with the child.  I’m all over the next semi-annual sale!

Cousin & M Jan 2008

M & her cousin in January 2008

Hanna Feb 2009

The same outfit, February 2009

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