Lucky Strike

I was just notified that I am in the running to win $5000 in the BOCA Balanced Living Challenge!  They asked entrants to write what they would do with $5000 to make their life more balanced.  For me it would mean having a cleaning service to help free up our precious weekends for more family time and less toilet scrubbing and also putting aside some money to fund a regular date night for Mark and I.

Please cast your vote for my entry here (my entry is 2nd, scroll all the way down to vote for Kate Davis). The entry with the most votes by Friday, March 20 wins the money.

And, since I’ve been a bit lucky lately I will be paying it forward – check back soon to enter a little contest of my own!

Updated: I discovered today that the poll used for voting doesn’t just block a computer IP address from re-voting but blocks the entire location IP. So of my office of 30 people (and my husband’s office, and my mom’s office, etc) only one stinkin’ vote counts no matter how many people in the whole location vote. This means I need your help more then ever. Please go vote for me right now – it only takes a second, I swear!

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