I know I sound like a broken record, but if you haven’t yet please take a few seconds and vote for my entry over at the BOCA Balanced Living Challenge (my entry is 2nd, scroll all the way down to vote for Kate Davis).  The poll used for voting blocks entire location IPs so my office (and my husband’s office, and my mom’s office, etc) can only vote once. This means I need your help more then ever. Thanks!

*Updated to add: looks like you can log a second vote here.  So click over there for me, too!

While you’re at it, go leave a comment over on this post for a chance to win a dining gift certificate in your area.

The countdown is on – 3 weeks from today we will be in Hilton Head for a much needed vacation. 

This past weekend it was sunny and 65 degrees.  If it snows again I reserve the right to cry like a litte girl.  We spent Sunday at the Maple Syrup Festival at Malabar Farm – a place that Mark & I frequented as kids.  It was the perfect day for it and M had a terrific time.  She was so well behaved and didn’t mind standing in lines to see things.  I think she liked the horses  and climbing around the woods the best.




Finally – has anyone seen my baby? Because this big kid sure isn’t a baby anymore!


One thought on “Housekeeping

  1. JMH says:

    Wow! M does look like a “big kid” in that last picture. However, I think her cousins will still refer to her as “Baby M” 🙂

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