Feed the Need

To celebrate my blog’s first birthday I hosted a little comment-luv contest and the lovely Angella was the winner.  She chose a coffee shop in her town for her gift certificate and after several of my bone-headed attempts to call them at 5 AM (I kept forgetting the fact that they are in a different time zone – duh!) I finally connected with them.  But they wouldn’t take my money.  I was bummed and kept trying until I talked to the owner who said they wouldn’t take a credit card without me there to sign the receipt. As much as I’d love to make a little trip to the Okanagan Valley, it isn’t in the cards. 

When I told Angella the bummer news and asked about another choice she graciously said “Here you are trying to support local and they won’t let you.  I have a better idea – why don’t you take the $ and treat YOURSELF?”.  I felt bad that I wasn’t able to fulfill her request and that my idea to pay it forward flopped.  So instead of indulging myself I made two contributions: one to the Summerland, BC Food Bank in Angella’s name (sorry, they don’t have a website) and one to the Cleveland Food Bank.  According to those I talked to at both places they can turn $1 into 4 meals; so in the comming days 100 meals in each of our communities will be provided in Angella’s honor .

3 thoughts on “Feed the Need


    My brother and sister-in-law have been working with the Summerland Food Bank in that they want to start a community garden to grow food for it, and we are going to help any way we can.

    You are a very loving, gracious woman. God bless!

  2. Both of you are spectacular! How gracious of Angella to forgo the prize (not that this surprises me about her!) and even more so of you to turn it into a donation for both of your communities. This warms my heart!

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