Stereotypical Mom Post

Excuse me for a second while I become a stereotypical mommyblogger and gush about how awesome my offspring is.  Because she’s doing some pretty funny things lately…here are just a few.  M at 2 1/2:

Jumps up and down shouting “I ‘xited!” when she is happy about something.  This could be being excited about going on a daytrip to getting a hotdog for dinner.  It’s so much fun to see her get so worked up about something.

Says “Oh, mama!  THANK YOU!” for just about anything.  Hand her some toilet paper and “oh THANK YOU, mama!” like you just handed her the keys to a brand new car.

Wants to wear her new Hello Kitty boots EVERYWHERE, even to bed.


Makes a statement while tilting her head to the side and nodding her head yes, then ending it with “okay?”.  “Daddy, I have some ice cream now.  Okay?”  It’s just about the cutest thing ever and cracks me up as I’m telling her no.

Tells wild stories in all run on sentences about her day at school on the way home.”There was a BIG giant in a tiny castle who said “roar!” then he ran back in his bear cave and I went in and said “roar” too and made him an egg and closed the door and said I’ll eat you up!  Okay?”

Loves to go on walks but stops to pick every blessed dandelion in the tree lawn… and there are a ton.  And the way she’ll run towards any flower, stand near it and sniff.


Digs in the dirt with her sand toys (we don’t have the sandbox yet – just the toys).  She loves finding bugs and worms and picking them up and showing them around the garden.  She also will pick up a handful of dirt and, pretending it is seeds, sprinkle it around. 

Spends time in the purple Cozy Coupe car we picked up garage sale last weekend for $5. It’s funny to watch her imitate us as she “goes to work” or to the “grocery store to get food”.  The best was when she pulled the car up next to the house, got out and started pressing the house like she was pressing buttons.  When I asked her what she was doing she said “I at the money store, mama!”…her very own ATM!


2 thoughts on “Stereotypical Mom Post

  1. Jen Call says:

    Ah yes, these are the moments that keep us sane when we are ready to pull our hair out when they are this age too! Such cute stories – she is one adorable little girl!

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