Hoop Dreams

I’ve never been much of a pro sports fan.  I love college football, but couldn’t care less about the NFL.  Basketball at any level I could take or leave.  Then we move to Cleveland and there is this guy:


and these guys:

Wally (aka in our house: Zoolander), Joe, Delonte (my favoriate Cavs player), & Big Ben Wallace

and for the last year and a half I’ve been a huge Cavs fan.  We’ve gone to a couple of games and we watch them ALL on our 52″ LCD at home. I know their plays, I know their stats and I LOVE this game.

They took the  momentum back in game 5 of the Eastern Conference finals last night and I cannot wait for game 6 on Saturday.  Me…a NBA fan – I would have never predicted this, but it is so much fun. All I can say is One Goal, baby.  One Goal.


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