Our Private Restaurant Week

Next week M will be spending a week in Lima for “Grandma & Grandpa Camp” along with her cousins.  Mark and I will be taking full advantage of the week by dining out Every.Single.Night.  There are dozens of restaurants we still want to try and we are attempting to narrow down our list.  Right now there is one slot spoken for – Sarava (I won a gift certificate from Trish’s Dish and we will be using it next week).  The other 4 nights are up in the air.  Here are the contenders:

Boulevard Blue
Crop Bistro – I’ve was recently there for lunch and would love to try their dinner menu
Greenhouse Tavern – we’ve been here, but it’s oh so good and I’d like to try it without the kid in tow.
L’Albatros  – I had an amazing lunch here and would love to check out their dinner fare.
Lolita – I know! We haven’t been here yet and it’s a travesty.
Three Birds
Tremont Tap House
** Edited to add Mark’s Picks:
Ponte Vecchio
Melt – I think this one could be saved for when we have to take the kid with us
Bar Symon – seems kid friendly but I haven’t heard if that is true or not, maybe we wait on this one, too?

I’d love to hear your suggestions or votes. Keep in mind we are trying to hit places where it’s more appropriate to be sans kid…I would love to hear your thoughts!

7 thoughts on “Our Private Restaurant Week

  1. Vasilicious says:

    You’re going to have so much fun – I’m jealous! If I could embark on a restaurant tour, I would go to:

    – Ponte Vecchio (heard it has amazing food)
    – Crop Bistro (the dessert menu looks awesome)
    – Greenhouse Tavern (heard SO many good things)
    – Peppermint Thai Cuisine (rec’d by a Tweeter)
    – Vue (awesome happy hour; great dinners)

    Have fun! :O)

  2. ok out of those my four additional restaurants that i recommend are without a doubt – tremont taphouse (one of my favorites), lolita (standard deliciousness), fahrenheit (amazing meals, always) and crop.

    and while greenhouse is obviously amazing, try places you haven’t been to ya know?

  3. How fun, I am so jealous!

    Here are my picks from your list:
    1. Fahrenheit – been there for dinner and private parties and the food has always been outstanding! great sidewalk patio seating for people watching on professor ave.
    2. Lago- one of my favorite restaurants in Cleveland and we certainly have some of the best. if you go on their website you can get a coupon for a free appetizer or dessert. always a plus! nice back patio
    3. Tremont Tap House- a little more casual, think artsy trendy bar. been there twice and the food was excellent. specialize in gourmet burgers and pizza with some great full entrees as well. scallop entree is excellent. great outdoor patio that opens up to the bar- perfect summer seating
    4. How about Luxe? Been there twice and the food is wonderful. the pesto board app. is delicious! they also just opened an outdoor patio. But from your list, my #4 choice would be Three Birds.

    Can’t wait to hear about your experience! Enjoy.

  4. Here are a few recommendations based upon places I’ve been. I know you only have 4 nights. Decisions, decisions.

    – Lolita (Get Cured Meat Plate and Anchovy Pizza)
    – L’Albatros (Get the Oysters, Pied de Cochon, Cassoulet)
    – Crop (Get the Foie Gras… it is awesome)
    – The Greenhouse Tavern (Chèvre Salad, Crispy Chicken Wings & new menu items)
    – Boulevard Blue (Get the Three Little Pigs)

    Ok, now I am hungry. Have fun guys.

  5. Right now, Sapore is the best restaurant in the Cleveland area. It’s open Fridays and Saturdays. The menu consists of two options for each of four courses. It’s sort of a side project for the Loretta Paganini cooking school. Also, the current chef is moving to a new restaurant in a couple weeks, so very soon Umami (in Chagrin Falls) will be the best restaurant in Cleveland. Of course, I also hope that Sapore can find a good replacement. I’m sure they’ll carry on his dedication to fresh, local, from scratch cooking.

    fire, Moxie, Flying Fig? Sapore is in Chesterland and it’s only a couple years old so it’s not quite on the radar, but I was surprised not to see any of these.

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