When I was at my parents house this weekend I looked through some of their old photo albums.  M looks so much like Mark that I was hoping to see some resemblance to me at nearly the same age.  There is a little bit, but she’s still mostly Mark’s child in the looks department:


While I was digging through albums I looked for the likeness of my niece and nephews to my brother and sister as well.  I think you can safely say that my brother created a mini-me (both about age 5 1/2 in the pictures. The nephew is now almost 11):


My sister’s oldest is also a mini-me.  And she is in more ways then just looks, trust me. Both are in the summer of their 8th year here:


My sister’s youngest has been the spitting image of his father practically from birth…there’s no questioning this kids parentage:


As I mentioned before, M is at “Grandma & Grandpa Camp” this week with 2 of her 3 cousins.  The age spread between the 3 is very close to that of my sister, brother and I. Here is 1980 & 2009:


My mom looks pretty good after 29 years, don’t you think?

3 thoughts on “Genetics

  1. JMH says:

    These are funny! Although I could kill you for putting that lovely pic of me on the Internet!! :)Maggie DOES look like you and she reminds me a LOT of you when you were that age…

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