Still around…this past week was crazy.  A night in Green Bay, WI (smaller then I thought, flat, lots of cheese) along with getting back into the swing of the school schedule and random life has kept me away from this blog.

We are getting ready for our fall trip to Hilton Head and we cannot wait – last year we went in late October and it was nice but too chilly to swim outside.  This year it should be in the low 80s everyday.  And since Labor Day will have passed, we expect it to be just as empty as last year.  So this coming week will include a ton of laundry, packing, making lists and trying to get the house into shape before departure.  One week after we get home will be M’s 3rd (THRID!! OMG!) birthday party, so there’s a lot to do.

Posting will most likely be sparse for the next 2 weeks – but I’ll never be far away from the crack that is Twitter.

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