April 14

Remember this? And this?  Well, there here is some more happy recent news:

We are expecting!

I am 13 weeks pregnant and the baby is strong.  I am also doing well.  Some morning sickness (worse this time, but still not daily) and fatigue (oh the fatigue!) have been my main complaints.

Like last time, I’m losing weight at a decent clip thanks mostly to the fact that no food sounds good and my usual vices (sweets) are unappealing (FYI – with M I lost 18 lbs in the 1st and 2nd trimesters but rallied like a champ and gained all that plus a couple more in the 3rd).  In “normal” times I do not keep ice cream in the house lest I eat the entire container in a single sitting.  Right now there is an untouched 3-week old carton of dairy goodness in the freezer because, meh.  I wish my cravings were like this when not pregnant. All I really want are apples and noodles.  And Whoppers.

…And maybe some bacon.

With M we did not find out what we were having but this time around we will.  We have an entire basement room filled with girl clothes in every size, so I want to know if I should hang on to it or start sorting it for Goodwill and sale.  The so-very-clinical-sounding “anatomy scan” ultrasound is scheduled for the middle of next month.

Just like before I have found a great hippie commune midwife practice which is a part of my regular OB/Gyn office and I am getting great care.

To sum up:
Baby D 2.0 will be arriving in April, 2010.  We already have 2 September birthdays in the house and therefore 2 virgos. Thank goodness that while the baby will share a birthday month with it’s daddy, it should not overlap signs.
All is well.
Send bacon.

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