Better Late then Never

No real reason for not posting here for awhile…just busy freezing (broken boiler – it’s now fixed and we are now broke) and hanging out under layers of blankets.  Or, if I’ve had time at the computer it’s been spent trying to sort the 558 photos I’ve selected for M’s baby book.  No, she doesn’t have a baby book, or any sort of photo album for that matter.  Yes, she’s 3.  My goal is to make photobooks for year 1 and 2 before the baby is born.  To do that I need to slog through about 4000 photos and figure out which ones to use. It’s a bit overwhelming.

Anyway, in lieu of a real post here are some week-old Halloween photos of a really cute bumble bee.

5 thoughts on “Better Late then Never

  1. I love her costume, am so glad that you got a say in it, wait until next year. She is a smart cookie and you will have to try SO hard, like Ive had, to convince her that stooooopid costumes like cheerleaders, Miley Cryus and Barbie thingys just dont fly.

    • @OHmommy – the bumble bee is a 10 year old costume that all the grandkids have worn. My mom made it for her first grandkid. She had no choice so we made sure we really built up the excitement for it (the prospect of wearing make up helped a lot). Thank goodness the 80s/punk look is coming back into fashion because I found yellow eyeshadow at the drugstore!

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