I announced it on Twitter & Facebook but forgot to mention it here.  Last week we decided to find out the gender of our baby and it’s a boy!

Ultrasound_webI’ll spare him from displaying his graphic showing of his boy-ness on the internet, but trust me…there is no mistaking that this kid is a boy.

We are, of course, very excited about all of this.  The pink-princess levels in this house could use a bit of balance with some trucks and dinosaurs (not that M doesn’t play with that stuff, too – but 7 times out of 10 the call of the Disney Princesses wins out).  I’m lucky that we didn’t find out the gender with M so we have loads of unisex newborn clothes and my sister saved me a bunch of her son’s baby clothes, so up to at least 6 months we are set.

But I will be totally honest and admit to something that has gotten me very odd looks the few times I’ve mentioned it out loud.  It’s something that I thought about years ago when several of my friends were having boys.  I just can’t get over the strange, alien, biological fact that right now my body is growing a pen1s.  Think about that for a minute.  Pregnancy is weird enough as it is, but add to everything else the fact that there is something growing inside me that is against every one of my own chromosomes and it’s downright bizarre.  Don’t get me wrong, I am very happy and excited to be having a boy, but….yea – right now the whole pen1s thing is freaking me out just a little.

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