Tiny Dancer

Dozens of calls, 2 hours of lunch time burned, 3 trips to the Capezio Store and we have a little ballerina:


For the first 10-15 minutes of the class she stood by herself and refused to move, prefering to just watch the 2 older girls dance from afar (another younger girl wouldn’t even go out on the floor).


When the teacher brought out the fairy wands, M warmed up to the idea of dancing.  Then the introduction of shakers and little drums sealed the deal.


By the time the scarves came out, she was loving it! She can’t wait for her next class.

Thanks to for the comments on my previous post about signing up EARLY and over the summer.  If she likes the rest of these classes we’ll look into something more long-term for next fall.

3 thoughts on “Tiny Dancer

  1. Adorable!!! Even if it took her awhile to warm up it looks like she’s having a great time in that last picture.

    Thanks for the travel advice, btw. I was glad to hear someone else say to give motrin. the peditrician said I could but it’s good to hear from another parent.

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