The Name Game

When we were pregnant the first time we debated names. Since we didn’t know what we were having we had to pick 2. The boy name was set in stone as it’s a combination of family names that I’ve wanted for years; I even had to fight my sister for one of the names. I won, the name is mine – she got the hutch from our grandmother’s dining room instead.

For the girl, the middle name was chosen already (it’s a family thing) but first name was up for debate. Sophie was usually at the top of the list, but I can’t remember the others. But neither of us were married to any of them. Towards the end of the pregnancy, Mark brought up the M name and it stuck. When we learned in the delivery room it was a girl, Mark rattled off the chosen name immediately. And now at almost 3 ½ I can’t imagine her as anything else. She is named perfectly.

So here we are, pregnant with a boy and we’ve known from that ultrasound what the name would be. However, the order of the names – which would be the first name and which would be the middle name – was up for debate. The order that I had always had in my head is now troubling me for a few reasons. First of all, the name I fought my sister for, the name I always imagined being the first name is an extremely popular boy name. It has been for years and is likely to be for years to come. Given the commonality of our last name, I fear that using it as the first name will be akin to naming him “John Smith”.

The next concern is that this name also begins with an M and having 2 kids and a husband all with M names makes me cringe. I know plenty of people do this on purpose but I find it silly. But is this enough reason not to use the name? Will I eventually get used to having two M children?

The other name – the one originally slated for the middle name – is much more unique and can be heard as somewhat ethnic. The nickname especially is one you don’t hear too often in our neck of the woods. I like that, but it might drive the kid nuts.

I know we could always go through with the original combination order but call the kid by his middle name. Mark went by his middle name as a child and my brother has gone by his middle name for his entire life. But then why not give the child the name you want as a first name to begin with?

There is one last thought – the initials. Using the M name as a first name would produce the initials MAD which I think is awesome. AMD is not as awesome and also brings to mind the image of some obscure multi-national company.

So help us decide – what would you do? Would you use the M name so 3 out of 4 in the family have M names? Call the kid by his middle name? Or would you reverse the order and have what was always thought as the middle name become the first?

6 thoughts on “The Name Game

  1. Julie Mead says:

    lol funny post. Well, I am a J, so is my son (and his middle name too!), my dad and my brother…it wasn’t on purpose to be cute, we just liked the name. And still do 🙂
    I never thought about initials because how often would that come up? I think you guys are smart not telling people we told my family our favs and my mom ruined a name for us. lol

    We had a different problem though, SO MANY people would call our son “JJ” when he was born due to his first and middle names-someone STILL does, even though we never have!

  2. Your post makes me laugh because you sound like my aunt. She wanted to name her daughter Gabrielle but also wanted to include the name of her grandmother, Mary, in there too. I can remember her saying, “it doesn’t sound right, can we call her by just her middle name…..”

    She ended up naming her Mary Gabrielle but we used to joke that not even Gabrielle would know that when she got older. It’s whatever is up to you.

    P.S. I think it’s OK that all are three M’s if it works out that way.

  3. JMH says:

    Why are you even asking this question? We already know what his name will be!! 🙂 At least we know what we will call him. (JK!)

  4. Amy Wuest says:

    You also have a dog with an M name. You will be odd man out… I say give him the name that fits him the best once you meet him.

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