Future Farmers of Suburbia

M has really been craving some mommy-time, so today I kept her home from school and we had an adventure.  We started at Patterson’s Strawberry Farm (hat tip to Classy Chaos for scouting the fields last year) where we picked and ate over 5 lbs of luscious berries.

Actually, she picked 95% of them.  I had MAD strapped to my chest and he got cranky every time I squatted down to do my own picking.  Either way, we have a bunch of sweet, juicy strawberries to consume.  I don’t think it will be a problem.

Once MAD had is fill of hanging out in the Bjorn, we headed up the road to Lake Farmpark.  One of the first things we did was head to the Dairy Room to meet their new calf, Unity and watch the other cows get milked. After that, we used the milk to make Farmer’s Cheese.  M was one of 2 girls there, so it was really hands on but they wouldn’t let us taste it since the milk was raw (bummer!).

After a nice picnic lunch we explored the barns.  We saw and petted sheep, piglets, goats, hens, cows, llamas, alpacas, and horses. We saw working beehives, explored the gardens and ran around the paths.
Then M asked to ride a horse.  She’s asked before but once the time came to get on the pony she got scared. I kept reminding her that I couldn’t do it with her, and she’d be on her own.  She surprised me by bravely getting on the pony and riding it around the ring twice! I was so proud of her.  Even though she looked alternately bored and scared, she said she had fun.
I had visions of keeping her home one day a week during my leave, but today, while awesome, was exhausting.  Juggling her wanting my attention and the needs of MAD (who actually slept most of the time, but also screams bloodily murder when he’s hungry and had an impressive diaper blow-out) left me whipped.  Ending the day in a frantic dash home to get the dog to a forgotten grooming appointment didn’t help my stress level.  SAHParents have my full respect.
In other farming news, my patio garden which 4 weeks ago was this:
Is now this:
21 tomato plants (many in a storage container because I ran out of pots!), herbs, beans, broccoli and lettuce.  It’s a jungle out there.

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