Six Months

Dear MAD,

I blink my eye and already you are six months old. A roly-poly, bubble-blowing, smiling baby. No more hint of newborn anywhere to be found.

MAD at 6 months
Photo by the amazing
Heather Durdil

Remember when I told the universe that you were such a great sleeper? Well that promptly ended right after I returned to work. For the past 3 months you have been getting up every 2 hours to eat and nothing we do seems to help. Your daddy tries to soothe you, we try letting you cry it out but nothing short of a meal works. It’s getting really, really old. I don’t mind the midnight feedings on account of your adorable smiles, giggles and raspberry blowing; but the 2 and 4 AM feedings I could do without.

Other than the sleep issues you are a terrifically easy baby. You are content to just watch what is happening around you and when you have a whirling dervish of a big sister there is always something to watch. In fact, no one can bring out your dimples like M. You think she is the funniest thing on the planet. Yesterday you, M and I went to a local farm and you spent nearly 3 hours in the carrier just taking it all in. You never made a peep outside of some laughing at your sister and blowing raspberries. The wide world fascinates you and it brings me so much joy to watch you take it all in.

You’ve been sitting on your own for a few weeks now and want to be upright all the time. This also means a new world of shopping cart rides and highchairs. When you do topple over you like to be on your belly with your head up looking around. You’re also starting to scoot all over the room like an inchworm. I’m not ready for you to crawl yet, so take your time.

We just started daily solid foods as previous attempts were rejected. Now you gobble up oatmeal, sweet potatoes, peas, squash, green beans and prunes with reckless abandon. It won’t be long before you are eating the same things we are and I can’t wait to introduce you to some of our family’s favorite things. As it is now you love watching us eat dinner and are always reaching for our plates and glasses.

In fact you are reaching for everything. You grasp and pull anything that comes into you reach including your sister’s hair and whatever is on the ground. We have to be careful now about dog hair tumble weeds and other hazards. If nothing else this means we have to be better housekeepers. Your Sophie giraffe is your all time favorite toy – you could gnaw and drool on her all day long.

Your easy smiles and deep dimples charm people wherever we go. And daycare reports that you are an easy-going baby who rarely cries. I still get to see you everyday at lunch but that will be phasing out soon. I’ll miss sniffing your fuzzy head and showering a thousand kisses on your cheeks during my afternoon break.

My favorite moments are when you clasp my finger and hold on tight while you’re eating. Or when you put your hands on my cheeks and pull my face close to yours, willing me to blow a zerbert on your cheek. And when your interactions with your sister draw a delighted squeal or belly laugh from you.

I can’t wait for the next six months. Just don’t grow up too fast.



4 thoughts on “Six Months

  1. he’s such a cutie! I wish I had had a vehicle like this to document stuff when my kids were that age. It will be cool for you to go back and read this many years from now.

  2. He is simply adorable and I was honored that you let me take the kiddos photos. They are just about done and I am sure you will LOVE them!

    We should get together soon again, you know so I can give you back your containers and we can celebrate together that the plague has finally left my house….I hope.

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