If the Shoe Fits

I have at least a half dozen pairs of shoes in my closest that never get worn. I swoon over gorgeous pumps just like any other woman and have a few killer pairs. Killer does not just describe the looks; I say that because wearing heels kills my feet. I even bought a pair of You by Crocs thinking they would be more tolerable. But even that squishy Crocs foam is no match for 3 ½ inch heels. I can only wear them for a few hours. 

For several years my go-to shoes have been my beloved Danskos clogs. They are the most comfortable shoes I own and are what are on my feet most often in the colder months (warm weather = flip flops). But, while Danskos are awesome on your feet they are pretty ugly. So awhile ago I tried out a pair of their heels. But they aren’t the same as the clogs and I ended up selling those on Ebay. 

Enter my foray into ballet flats. A few months ago I finally broke down and bought a pair of simple black ballet flats. And I do love them. But they are boring and kind of old-lady looking. And there are so many cute pairs I see on the toes of my co-workers. Jewels! Bows! Flowers! All these cute embellishments! To remedy my boring shoe situation I’ve been scouting the shoe racks in search of some more fun and youthful flats. 



What have I found? I’ve found that I just can’t wear the cute embellished shoes like these. I just can’t help it, but when there is anything on the vamp of the shoe I see this when I look down: 

Even a simple, flat flower has me wanting to kick the shoes right off for fear of looking like a fool. Shoes like these which look darling on others and cute in the box end up looking like clown shoes when they are on my feet. 

I can’t be the only one. Does anyone else have this ridiculous fear of embellished shoes? And, more importantly, give me some suggestions for cute flats!

4 thoughts on “If the Shoe Fits

  1. No, I can’t say I have the same fear as you, but this post did make me laugh a lot! I need to be in flats when I’m with my children, and my favourite flats in the world are my black Tory Burch Reva’s. There is a big huge silver TB symbol on them, though, so I’m not sure if you’d like them or not! However – they are Oh-so-comfortable!

  2. I love shoes and love having embellishments, my only problem is finding them in my size.

    Also, on a side note your code word was IKEA, so I am pretty sure its a sign that you & I need to take a roadtrip to get some of the yummy meatballs (or so I hear!)

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