In the past I’ve mentioned my love for Eucerin Calming Body Wash Daily Shower Oil. Midwest winters are harsh. Midwest winters in a house with radiant heat (i.e. no chance to run a whole-house humidifier) are brutal. My skin loves that shower oil and when I follow my shower with some Burt’s Bees Mama Oil my skin is happy. It still flakes some and I get a few itchy spots, but it’s so much better than before.

So when AndreAnna started posting about the Oil Cleansing Method it made sense. I fact, I checked the back of the Eucerin and saw that my beloved shower oil was mostly castor and soja oils. I’d been washing my body with oils for awhile, doing the same with my face seemed ok.

I started the OCM about 3 weeks ago and I’m totally happy with it. It has not changed my skin into that of a glowy super model. But it’s as clear as it was with harsher cleansers, not nearly as dry and the ingredients for about a 6 month supply cost all of $17. I’m using a castor/grapeseed combo and after the first week when I switched the ratios (I used 80% castor 20% grapeseed – oops!) and my skin got super-dry, the process is working for me.

What made me laugh the other morning is when I looked around my bathroom. Shower oil in the bathtub, my homemade face oil on the sink, a bottle of Moroccan Oil (a year-round product – I LOVE this stuff!) with my hair stuff and a new-for-dry-hair-winter purchase: V05 Hot Oil. Yes, the old school Alberto V05…what can I say?  It works.

You’d think I’d leave an oil slick in my wake, but in reality it barely keeps the cracking skin and brittle, staticy hair at bay. I can’t wait for the first humid thunderstorm of spring.

2 thoughts on “Oily

  1. I am going out tomorrow to buy the stuff to try the OCM. My skin has been a mess for the last month and I am out of options. I’m breaking out like I’m 15, but my skin is dry. At this point, nothing can make it worse.

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