From the Basement

We still have boxes in our basement that haven’t been unpacked. We moved here almost 4 years ago. Our unfinished basement was reaching Hoarders level of STUFF so when my parents were here 2 weeks ago Mark and I tackled the task.

Luckily most of the STUFF could be trashed or donated. Many of the unpacked boxes were of the last-minute variety – those 3-4 boxes of random crap you throw together as the movers are loading the truck. Those were easy to go through. But there were a few treasures to be found. Like the cute baby snowsuit that I searched and searched for this winter, swearing that I would not have given it away. I haden’t but now it’s outgrown so I will.

But the best discovery was a box of my old t-shirts which my parents saved. Behold the beauty of the late ’80s and ’90s:

First up… concert t-shirts from elementary school. We were apparently a patriotic bunch.

I remember most of the songs and dance moves from this concert

When I was in 5th grade I went to Walloon Lake, MI with a friend’s family where we lived like feral children for a week while her parents sat on the dock drinking wine. I remember falling asleep on a raft that was tethered to the that dock. It was the best trip ever:

My grandparents went to Acapulco and brought back this horribly tacky, bright orange fringed shirt. Of course, I wore it nearly every day (4-5th grade):

Hangin’ Tough….mmm, I wonder if anyone going to the New Kids/Back Street Boys concert wants to buy this from me? (6th grade)

Now this is a shirt I was so excited to get. For whatever reason, getting a shirt made when you got braces was a BIG DEAL in our town. And yes, I went to a shop so I could pick out the “perfect” iron-in for my shirt. We went to the iron-on store straight from the orthodontist. I wore this shirt with such pride. I just offered it to my niece who got braces and she declined – I wonder why? (6th grade)

Nerd alert! This one was customised at the iron-on store with my name on the back. Of course it’s spelled KT instead of the much too laborious Katie (8th grade):

I would have never saved these on my own but it is kind of fun that my mom kept them. Matilda loves wearing the smaller ones as night shirts.

Did you or your parents save anything from your childhood that makes you laugh?

5 thoughts on “From the Basement

  1. HA!!! Great post. I actually know someone going to nkotb/bsb who might be interested. For the other ones perhaps some warhol dresses? Could be super cute!

  2. Uh. Muh. Guh. My guess is that NKOTB shirt would in fact SELL.

    MY braces shirt said “Tin Grins Are In.” My mother ironed it on a shirt for me while I was getting my braces on.

  3. Steph T. says:

    Those Ranchwood shirts are collector’s items, since the school is closed now. And you could probably get some serious cash for the NKOTB shirt!

  4. My parents saved my “autobiography” from second grade, wherein I had drawn my mother as absolutely towering over my dad, even though he’s taller. I guess with her pumps and ’80s hair, I thought she was taller. Anyway, there’s also a page in the autobiography that says, “Most of the time my parents talk about business, but sometimes they talk about me.” Can you imagine the teacher reading that? I bet she was so concerned! Anyway, it cracks me up just thinking about it!

  5. My husband and his family are pack rats. Me? Not so much. I toss everything. Always have. But seeing your NKOTB shirt and seeing M wearing one of your old tees makes me long for some of my old school shirts!

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