Halloween Rehash

I know, I know. Halloween was over a week ago and you’ve already got your Christmas tree up.  I don’t care. I made some kick-ass Halloween costumes and I want to share show them off.

Matilda decided she wanted to be a super hero. She didn’t want to be any specific super hero, just a super hero. I decided going the SuperGirl route because the symbol is so recognizable (and easy to recreate) and we could just say she was Super Matilda.

 Of course, if I had a Super Matilda I needed a Super Madman.

Last fall I bought a ton of satin during a fabric store-closing sale so that was in my stash. I spent about $9 on felt and some metallic pleather. The base for their costumes was new t-shirts and pants that can be worn again. Add in thread cost (the only downfall of these costumes is the number of different colors of thread I needed) plus the fusible web and I spent way more than it cost to just purchase similar costumes. But where’s the fun in that? And the shirts and pants are totally reusable. Minus the cost of the shirts and pants I spent about $25.

For the capes I used a pattern I purchased last year to make a cape for a birthday gift. The only thing I’d add to the tutorial is to sew the layers of felt/fabric together first then just sew the finished appliquéd the cape. Satin is delicate – the fewer needle holes, the better.

They are reversible …she wanted a “thunder bolt” on hers (his is the same with a green circle on navy satin).

 I made the shirts the same way I make their appliquéd birthday shirts, except this time I used layered felt instead of one layer of cotton.

Matilda’s skirt was made using my beloved Oliver + S Lazy Day skirt instructions. I’ve made this easy skirt dozens of times.

 The belts are scrap elastic that was part of the packaging of Matilda’s bed quilt – I’m not kidding. It was this great 2-inch wide pink elastic with Velcro already sewn on. I cut it down to size, added a felt “buckle” and for Madman, covered it with a tube of yellow felt.

The Madman’s “boots” are just tubes I sewed out of red felt safety-pinned to his fleece Old Navy pants. Matilda wore new boots (boots I was going to buy her anyway).

I love, love, love these costumes and they’ve already re-worn the shirts and pants.  Madman’s shirt got a few little holes around the appliqué when I washed, but I fixed it with an iron-on patch.

Matilda and I had fun photographing her costume. And the capes are in the dress up box ready for more use!

(Chalk idea stolen from BurghBaby)

5 thoughts on “Halloween Rehash

  1. If you’re late in writing the post, I’m late in responding. But I wanted to say I love, love, love the chalk idea. If we have another warm day in CLE this year, I want to do this with Amara!

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