One Styling Event (Product Giveaway & Discount)

UPDATE: Congratulations to Marta! I’ll mail out the flat iron this week.


Alternate title…how a hairdryer changed my life.

Several weeks ago I attended an event at Spa West hosted by ONE Styling. It was organized by the fabulous Kimberly of Smitten…in Cleveland (seriously, she is the embodiment of the word fabulous) to introduce us to the ONE Styling and Verge Styling lines of products. First up, if you’re just here for the discount code: get 35% off, free shipping and a free heat mat at with coupon code KATY35 valid thru 4/30/12.

It was a fun night of hair styling, cocktails and apps. Since I didn’t have my “big” camera with me I’m going to be lazy and link to the photos from the people that did. Once we learned the history behind the team at ONE Styling we headed to the salon to have our hairs did. I turned over my thick, heavy, straight hair to a stylist wielding the dubious looking Verge Bubble Wand. Honestly, I thought the wand didn’t stand a chance…my hair does not hold a curl for anyone (someday I’ll tell you about the double-chemical spiral perms I got in the early 90s during my quest for curly hair).

But, after 40 minutes or so of curls, more champagne and chatting with the stylist my hair was curly. And, while the curls softened to waves, they held until the next evening. This is unheard of in my hair; curls and waves usually abandon ship after just a few hours.

Freshly Curled

The next night (ignore the dark eye circles)

Color me impressed.

Other ladies tried out the Curl Styx (with interchangeable barrels) and the Epic Flat Iron: all with great results.

The wonderful ONE Styling team sent us all home with a HUGE bag of products to try. Like…ALL THE PRODUCTS…wow, just wow.

Over the past weeks I’ve been trying them out. First up – the Epic Pro Dryer. Also known as the hairdryer that has changed my life. No joke. Like I said, my hair is thick and heavy. It tends to retain water like a pregnant woman on a summer afternoon. On the days I blow dry I give myself 45 minutes because it takes that long to get it to damp-dry. But, the 1st time I used the Epic dryer it was dry in 20 minutes. Dry, like not damp-dry but dry. I was gobsmacked. And every time I’ve used it since then I shake my head in wonder that it takes so little time. The bonus is that my hair is so much healthier and less frizzy since I’ve started using this dryer. I know I got it free, but it’s 100% worth the money.

And, like the dryer, the Epic Flat Iron has cut down my hairstyling time. It heats up to super hot temps super fast. The process of drying and flat-ironing my hair has literally been cut in half by these two products. I highly recommend them both. Seriously, go buy them using the discount code above.

The other product I’ve had fun with is the previously mentioned Bubble Wand. Matilda calls it the “funny bubble curler” and it’s the only time she’s ever let me curl her hair.

Although she has some natural curl, she has stubborn hair like mine, but these curls managed to hold up through a day of play and bike helmets.

Overall I am super impressed by all the ONE Styling products I tried and would recommend any of them to you. A big thanks to ONE Styling, Kimberly and the stylists at Spa West for such a lovely evening!

And here’s my gift for you…I have a ONE Styling Crush Flat Iron (1″) for one lucky reader. Just leave a comment with your best hairstyling tip or trick (it can be anything). Tweet the following for an extra entry (or just use the tweet button below): I want to win a @onestyling Crush Flat Iron from @kakaty

Make sure you come back and leave me an comment with the link to your tweet. (total of 2 entires per person). Entries due by midnight eastern on 4/26/2012.

Good luck!


Disclosure: I was invited to a blogger event and provided a gift bag full of ONE Styling products. I was not asked to blog about the product or host a giveaway. As always, my thoughts are 100% my own. 

20 thoughts on “One Styling Event (Product Giveaway & Discount)

  1. I put my hair up in a turbie twist towel so it gets as dry as possible and blowdrying doesn’t take as long. Thanks for doing the giveaway!

  2. Kimi says:

    My best tip is not to was your hair every day! I finally made this switch a few years ago and my hair is so much healthier now.

  3. My best tip for sleek hair (I have a bob) is to aim the dryer down your hair (i.e., aim it down towards your shoulder) and hold your other hand about an inch or so off of your hair so the air has to go between your hand and your hair. Your hand sort of acts like a backboard, and all the air & heat is directed onto your hair. I get a much better, smoother finish doing that. I learned it from the best hair stylist I’ve ever had and sadly had to move away from many years ago.

    I also have really thick hair that retains water, just as you do. I let it air dry for 45 minutes, then blow dry it to dry and that takes 25 minutes. I might have to look into this blow dryer.

  4. OOOO I want/need this! Also, I’m confused by the curling wand, I’ve seen them in the stores there’s no clamp how do you hold your hair around it??

    My best tip would be bobby pins. They fix everything. Always. I keep some with me everywhere.

  5. Hmmm… My hair trick? Mousse. That sounds basic (it is), but I have fine hair. There’s a lot of it, but it looks thin because its so fine. It needs a pick me up!

  6. Oooo, love the curls! Sadly (like some of your other readers), my best trick is to not wash my hair too much. I use dry shampoo sometimes just because I want it to feel clean. But on days that i DON’T wash my hair, it styles great. I’m so gross. Gross dirty me. haa

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