Five Year Old Fashion

Matilda has never been very interested in clothes. She likes playing dress up but has always been perfectly happy with me picking out her clothes. She actually preferred it as she couldn’t be bothered with taking time to pull her clothes out of the drawers. But lately she’s been exerting some control over what she wears and the results are no less than amazing. However, her preferences are mind-boggling and could make you pull your hair out. First of all, she has started declaring some clothes and some colors “too girly”.

For instance… the roll-top yoga pants on the left (Children’s Place) are perfectly acceptable and are, in fact, her favorite pants. However, the roll-top yoga capris on the right (Old Navy) were deemed too girly, too pink and she’ll “never ever ever wear them ever”. Ok then. Let’s move on to shirts….

The shirt she’s wearing (hand me down): “yay! pink heart shirt! I love it!”. The shirt she’s holding (Old Navy): “ewww, gross! I hate hearts! I won’t even try this ugly shirt on!”

Now that you know what I’m dealing with, let’s look at some OOTD photos, five year old-style. I call her spring and summer collection “Hobo Chic”. Please note that all of these outfits were of her own creation after deciding she “hates pink, it’s just way too girly”.

She calls this her “rock ‘n roll” outfit.
Corduroy blazer (thrifted)
Layered tule skirt (Old Navy, 2010)
sliver glitter tights (H&M)
motorcycle boots (Old Navy, purchased for her Halloween Costume).
Please note she’s in head to toe pink.

Pink (!) Wonder Woman shirt (Old Navy)
Black leggings (H&M)
Neon-striped socks (Target)

She picked out these items because they are both navy and white. Little did she know she’s part of the trendy “mixed print” craze.
V-neck shirt and checked rolled-cuff shorts (Land’s End clearance)

 Floral tee (Land’s End clearance)
Shorts (Old Navy, last year)
Socks (Children’s Place, purchased for her Halloween Costume)

Knee-high socks are a favorite. And according to Matilda, are perfect for spring because they “keep you legs warm in the morning, but you can push them down when you need to cool off in the afternoon!”

Pink  bermuda shorts (Old Navy)
Pink, pocketed tee (Land’s End clearance)
Pink Salty Dog sweatshirt (at least 3 years old)

This is the outfit she picked after throwing a fit because I suggested she wear the pink yoga capris pictured above. Yep, you sure can tell she hates pink.

I may chuckle at her outfits and roll my eyes at her preferences but I love my little fashionista so much.


4 thoughts on “Five Year Old Fashion

  1. emily says:

    I LOVE her striped socks. I might have worn a pair of striped socks nearly everyday when I was 6 – 8 years old. Oh, and they were toe socks. Remember those?

  2. Grandma says:

    I love our little fashionista, too. She has a style all her own. And I remember another little girl who wouldn’t wear anything she deemed “itchy” or too girly . . . Who wore her hair short because she wouldn’t let her mother comb it. Love you, honey! Keep writing!

  3. so you say she hates pink? lol. I love that they are all almost head to toe pink outfits. Curious to see how Bella will be when she’s old enough to dress herself!

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