CycleBar Addict

Back in March I was contacted about trying a free class at new fitness chain opening in Beachwood called CycleBar. At the time I was 2 months into a new fitness and eating plan and was game to try ANYTHING new. I was already doing Barre3 at home and was looking for more vigorous cardio, so it was perfect timing. I also figured it would be good to have friends around in case I died on the bike, so I recruited a couple of people to go with me for the trail run.

IMG_9005Emily and Kelly sweated it out with me on that first ride

After that first class (I didn’t die) I signed up for a few more classes since they were doing 2 weeks of free classes to kick off their grand opening. My plan was to try 2 weeks of classes for free and if I didn’t love it at the end I wouldn’t be out anything.

Spoiler: I LOVED it.

IMG_9894Seriously… LOVED. IT.

Since that first free class I’ve been to about 50 classes and I look forward to each one. I have done “indoor cycling” before but something about CycleBar just works for me in a way no other class or location has. The provided shoes, the water and water bottles, the music, and the facilities – it all just makes it easy and clicks for me; I actually crave my rides (I aim to get there 3-4 times each week). But the two things that make me work harder and keep coming back? The instructors and the stats.

I’ve been to a class with most of the instructors and like them all – I have never had a bad class. But I have 2 favorites and I try to make to each of their classes at least once a week: LaShawn and Lisa. Both are very different in their class style and music choices; but both leave me spent and wondering how 50 minutes have passed. They pick great music, the push HARD, and they are just fun.

IMG_0106This is LaShawn. She will kick your ass but also leave you smiling.

And the stats….oh the stats! Anyone who knows me in real life knows I’m a bit competitive. (And come on, you KNOW you are always silently competing with others in your mind when you’re at the gym. Just admit it.) So the stats make me push harder. At first I was determined to be in the top half of the class. Soon I wanted to be in the top 3. Now, if I’m not #1 I crank up the gear and ride as hard as I can. I like that I can look back and see how I’ve improved, or see the proof of a hard ride even if I felt I could have done better.

IMG_0345My first CycleBar Class

My 3 most recent classes

To be honest, seeing that first-place ranking makes fist-pump in my car. Plus, CycleBar has helped me lose more than 70 pounds.

I think the biggest part of exercising for anyone is finding something you love doing. For me, CycleBar is that thing.

*This post was in no way sponsored or requested by Beachwood CycleBar. I was told about the free rides they were hosting as part of their grand opening, however those were open to anyone and I received no special treatment. Since that time I have paid for all rides myself.

7 thoughts on “CycleBar Addict

  1. This was such a persuasive post, I Googled Cyclebar, even though I feel as if I would never love any kind of exercise. There is not one anywhere near me…YET.

    • I did spin classes before and HATED them. Like, swore I’d never get on a stationary bike again hated them. For whatever reason this has totally clicked with me now and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it.

  2. LaShawn L Boogie says:

    You look amazing Kate!!! I am so proud of your progress!!! Your story is an inspiration to many! Keep up the great job!!

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