Why do you wear that stupid bunny suit?

If you haven’t read any of the blogs listed on the blogroll to the right yet, I highly recommend visiting Linda at All & Sundry.  Honestly she is one of the funniest writers out there, especially if you are a parent.  If not – well, she just had a baby so most of the recent posts are baby-heavy but not all.  Take a gander and she will have you spewing Diet Coke through your nose in no time.

Today she did a hilarious little post about her Easter plans.  Her brother calls Easter “Jesus Comin’ Out of a Hole Day” (JCOOAHD) and isn’t that really what it is?  If you tend to believe the Bible and the Church the holiday celebrates the rising of Jesus after his public death – the day he came out of that hole they entombed him in. If that is your belief, then have at it as that is one awesome thing to celebrate.

What I don’t get about Easter is the Easter Bunny.  For christ’s sake – adults in furry bunny suits really freak me out.  And trying to convince your kids that there is this giant rabbit lurking around that will come to your house at night and leave candy is a bit disturbing.  I don’t really get this holiday and I’m pretty sure that we will not do the bunny thing with M.

We will do a bit of a spring celebration and have a basket with candy and some gifts when she is older (this year the candy is strictly for the grown-ups, yea!).  I get the metaphor of eggs/rebirth/spring and so we’ll most likely do some egg related festivities.  Other than that it will always be a low-key affair. Because the Easter Bunny ranks up there with clowns on my “they really kinda scare me” meter and I’d rather not go there.

The other thing I find slightly disturbing is how the world SHUTS DOWN on Good Friday.  Um, I thought there was a little thing about the separation of church and state?  My bank closed at 11 today!  And with their opening time of 9 AM that gave you a convenient slot of two hours to make use of them.  And half the people I know had today off like it’s Memorial Day or something.

I get that the majority of Americans are Christians but that’s followed closely by the non-religious folks and, of course, those religions that don’t celebrate Easter. And I think that the practice of observing GF is rooted in the Roman Catholic church which accounts for less than 17% of the US population. So why don’t we all observe a day off work for the major Jewish and Islamic holidays that have more people practicing then 17%?  Maybe I’m just bitter because I had to work today.

In walking news this week has been a bit of a bust.  No real walking to speak of because I’m tired as all get out this week.  And getting over a never-ending hacking cold.

In addition to the general malaise, thanks to the heals I wore to work on a day I did a ton of walking around the hospital I have a blister on top of my toe.  And it’s infected.  Yum.

I did get a nice little e-mail from the automated 3-Day trainer with the suggested training guide for this week and I will try to keep on track.

Happy JCOOAHD/Easter/just another day but with a little more chocolate to you all!

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