Rotten Raisins

What did you do this weekend? Celebrate Easter?…Maybe enjoyed some family time? Me – I fed my child rotten raisins. Apparently you should store raisins in the refrigerator. I need to jot that in my instruction book.

This weekend we were running a bit low on pantry staples and we were out of most of M’s usual snacks. No worries, though as there was a canister of raisins at the back of the cupboard. She had a few for her morning snack, which was less then her usual handful after handful. After a lunch of cheese, mandarin oranges, bread and milk she was off to her crib to take a nap. Which meant it was time for my weekend nap, too. Apparently at some point M got fussy so Mark went in and settled her on his chest while he laid on the chaise lounge in her bedroom. Cut to me waking up from REM sleep to the shouts of “Honey!” I jump up trying to figure it out; since I didn’t know Mark was in M’s room, I run around trying to find him. I finally open the bedroom door and am hit with the unmistakeable smell of vomit and the sight of Mark laying there, covered in cheese, mandarin oranges, bread, milk and bile and he’s holding M up above him. The poor guy got it all…not a drop was to be found outside of his shirt. I couldn’t help but laugh.

M has never been a puker. Even as an infant she rarely spit up. In her 18 months I think she has only puked 3 times. So we were worried. But M was fine and dandy. No fever, playing as normal, has an appetite, etc. So a few hours later we decide to go check out a possible new car (the VW Passat Wagon, if you are wondering). We get to within a few blocks of the dealership and M coughs in the backseat. Just as I think to myself, “gesh I hope she doesn’t blow again” I turn to see chunks tumbling from her mouth. Make that vomit count 4.

After we clean her up and turn to head home, I realize that as we were getting ready to leave the house M ate the remaining 3 raisins out of the the snack bowl from the morning. When we got home I checked the raisin canister – written distinctly on the side is “Keep Refrigerated”. I opened the lid and took a whiff to find the distinct smell of fermentation.

Don’t worry, I’ll be at the awards ceremony to pick up my mother of the year award. What should I wear for the red carpet?


Also – anyone have any tips to get the vomit smell out of car seat straps?

4 thoughts on “Rotten Raisins

  1. The Vomit Trapper says:

    Yes, it’s true not one drop of our child’s lunch bounced, splattered or deflected from my person during this almost humorous ordeal. It’s a talent worthy of American Idol…

    As a matter of fact I have been the recipient of said vomit “attacks” 90% or more.

  2. I keep my raisins in the pantry and have never had any trouble (*knocks on wood*).
    Car seats soaked in barf are the worst! Are you able to take the cover off and run it through the washing machine? Ugh. Good luck.

  3. Amanda – the cover is clean, it’s the actual straps – the seat-belt part of the seat – that still skink. I’ve sprayed it with vinegar, with tea tree oil and Fabreeze. Now it smells like an Easter egg in a spa with a hint of bile. Not pleasant.

  4. JMH says:

    Poor M! Give her extra hugs and kisses from us. Since our M also got sick multiple times on a trip (she was with Bob…ha!)I have had the lingering smell of vomit in the car. Try sponging the straps with a baking soda and water solution. Baking soda in the washing machine also does a nice job of getting that smell out of clothes. Good luck!

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