Party Like It’s 1985

On Friday, forgetting that it’s spring break and that the mall would be overrun with teenagers and mother’s with their kids, I ran to the nearest mall to hit Sephora during my lunch. All the stroller dodging was worth it, though for the sight that awaited me as I walked in the mall entrance. I hope you have seen The Wedding Singer because I saw a kid, maybe 18 or 19, who looked like he was trying to be Sam – Adam Sandler’s sidekick in the movie, the guy who drives the limo (“They were cones!”). I kid you not he had the ‘stash, a mullet that was feathered on the sides and I swear to you he had a the red Michael Jackson Beat It jacket that was so popular in the early ‘80s. I stopped in my tracks trying to figure out if he was for real; and unfortunately I think he was.

Then, as I crossed through Nordstroms there was a display of young men’s fashion for the spring which included an outfit with light blue jeans, a pink polo shirt and a white sport jacket WITH THE SLEEVES ROLLED UP! The mannequin just needed the stubble beard and it could have been Crockett from Miami Vice. Please, please tell me that this “style” is not coming back. Or maybe tell me it is, because I enjoy laughing at these people.


Walking news: 2x 3 miles over the past week with a 4 mile today. A bit off pace, but better than last week!


One thought on “Party Like It’s 1985

  1. Yeah people like that actually exist. I work and market myself as a ‘wedding singer’, but it makes me cringe a little. You should see some of the cheese in the industry even today!

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