Rock with your Daddy

Today we finally got to experience Rock-n-Tot and we all had a blast.  Pumping music, toys, snacks, art and people to meet – what’s not to like?  Naomi puts on one hell of an event – I could not believe all the things she thought of… from goodie bags to a sports center to get game updates.  I will be watching for news on the next date and will get my tickets quickly as this one was sold out.  


rnt2While we were there I recognized Erika’s little girl shakin’ it on the dance floor and eventually spotted Erika and introduced myself (no small feat for this shy girl).  Hopefully I’ll see her again at the Kurt Vonnegut Book Club in a few weeks.



As with everything worth doing in Cleveland, Bar Cento was involved.  And upon seeing this sign we immediately knew where we were going to dinner:


It was fantastic, as always.  I branched out from my usual (sunnyside pizza) and had the mussels which were fabulous.  We also all shared the olive oil cake which was very, very yummy.  And, in another display of finally overcoming my social awkwardness, I introduced myself to the famed Amelia – AKA Chef’s Widow. The KVBC is her brain child so I hope to see her in a few weeks, too.

All in all it was a fabulous family day on all accounts.  Now I’m looking forward to the short week and more family time ahead.

2 thoughts on “Rock with your Daddy

  1. I am SO glad you had a good time!! (And that you had a smashing delic dinner too …)

    Have a great Thanksgiving and hopefully we’ll see you again soon!


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