Give It Away Now

The lovely and talented Casey at Moosh in Indy is having yet another fabulous giveaway.  The folks at HP and Microsoft Windows Live have chosen her to give away $6000 in the latest gear from their companies.  Since our household bows to the Apple-gods and has enough computer equipment,  and since I know a lot of people who could benefit from this gear – if I were to win, I would GIVE IT ALL AWAY!

The very cool HP TouchSmart IQ816t series – the one I would really, really like to keep – would go to Shaker Heights High School right around the corner from me.  They are doing some amazing things with design classes, and as my hubby is a designer himself he’d love to give them this awesome machine, Corel VideoStudio software and the printer to help inspire them as he was when he was younger. 

The HP HDX would go to the school where my sister teaches – they are in need of a laptop for classroom use by all the teachers.  My sister, who is the Tech Coordinator for the school, just bought a laptop with her own funds as she had been waiting for years for the school to buy one.  

The HP Pavilion dv4 series Notebook, the HP Mini 1000 and the movie would go to the Cleveland Clinic Children’s Hospital.  I work at the Clinic and while we treat some the sickest kids around, the thing the kids want most it to feel connected to what they left behind – friends, school, family.  These machines could help them keep up with schoolwork they are missing while hospitalized, connect with friends and family, or lose themselves in a great movie or game for awhile – all while being treated for their illness.

This is an amazing thing for HP and Microsoft to do and I really hope I win as I know that these computers could make a difference in so many lives!

2 thoughts on “Give It Away Now

  1. JMH says:

    Thanks for thinking of our tiny school 🙂 You are an awesome sister. Since we don’t “bow to the Apple Gods” I am going to check out that web site.

    See you in a few weeks!

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