What I did on Vacation

P1060477We started off with a stop in North Carolina to see my college BFF, Lindsay.

P1060482We played in the fountains

P1060490And jumped in the pool

P1060498Then M perfected her bellyflop in the tidal pools on the beach (and for some reason insisted on calling them “dewyflops”).

P1060501We played in the waves (and “fed” them sand and shells)

P1060525And let the beach style our hair.


We took a boat ride to see dolphins and explore some of the shoals exposed by the low tide

P1060575And found starfish, hermit crabs and tons of shells.

P1060600We played on the beach some more

P1060624And found a really, really big horseshoe crab.

P1060652It was a perfect week of sun, sand, ocean and exploring!

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