Three years ago today, exactly at the time I am writing this, M was born after about 4 hours of labor.  She gave me an easy pregnancy and had a pretty easy birth. 3:03 PM on September 23.  I really do think 3 is her magic number.

Today she’s not so easy but my goodness is she a lot of fun.  Her imaginative stories, her budding love for jokes, an impressive memory and the constant singing have her dad and me laughing all day.  It’s not all rosy – she tends to not listen (at all), still has multiple potty accidents each week and hates to go to sleep – but the good far outweighs the bad.

Right now she LOVES to be outside – which is why our beach vacation was so perfect – and is getting really into drawing.  She likes to play tag and hide-and-seek and ride her tricycle and put stickers on anything and everything.  She is really into princess stories but we do our best to make sure things aren’t all-princess-all-the-time.  She would eat spaghetti everyday if we let her. She loves to change up the words in a song to see if we are paying attention. Every night we have to act out Sandra Boynton’s Barnyard Dance before settling down to sleep.

I really can’t get enough kisses from her each day. Her curls are wild because she refuses to wear barrettes or pigtails. She loves to twirl and dance. She’s our Magpie and she’s THREE!


5 thoughts on “Three!

  1. Congrats on Mags B-day! She is so beautiful! Mark is constantly sharing pics of her at work. Such a proud dad.
    I love your site and am jealous over your sewing talents, I am considering begging you for some lessons!!! LOL

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