I Was Feverish When I Wrote This, Forgive Me if it Goes Astray

On Sunday the heavens parted and the sun shine down for a key fewf hours that allowed our M to celebrate her birthday with her family.  After days of rain I was so grateful that the weather cooperated for a few hours, even if it was chilly (last year M wore a sleeveless sundress for her party – this year it was jeans and long sleeves).  I had borrowed an inflatable “bounce house” from a friend and the kids only got out for presents and cupcakes.  M was delighted to have almost her entire extended family to dote on her all day.

P1060702M and 2 of her cousins
P1060683The cutest birthday girl ever

In other news, last week I was a good hospital employee and got my seasonal flu shot.  This is only the 3rd or 4th time I’ve gotten a flu shot and just like EVERY. SINGLE. TIME before, I am now sick.  I know, I know – the vaccine does not use a live virus but for whatever reason I get sick in the few days following the shot.  I was so chilled last night we turned on the heat. The heat is on in September – something is wrong with this.  So far today I vegged out in my chair wearing layers and under 2 blankets and watched Breakfast at Tiffany’s for the first time.

We have a weird neighbor who does odd jobs for some of the elderly people who live on our street, including mowing several of their lawns.  Right now he is mowing the yard right next door in the pouring rain. He’s wearing a rain coat, jeans and no shoes. He gives me the creeps.

In other strange neighbor/lawn mowing news: the old dude 2 doors down mows his yard wearing a baseball batting helmet, knickers, a wife beater and bags over his shoes.  It’s amazing what you learn when you stay home sick.

The View is on the TV behind me and Yoko Ono is “singing”.  She sounds like a cat in heat.

4 thoughts on “I Was Feverish When I Wrote This, Forgive Me if it Goes Astray

  1. oh your neighbors sound amazing….get ninja like and get a pic! glad your little one had a good b-day….bouncy house is awesome…its a running joke with the wife and I that when we get a house were getting a bouncy house for the backyard. I think it needs to happen!

  2. Adorable birthday girl! You were probably about to get the flu when you got your shot. I think I’m getting mine tomorrow – the last time I got one, my arm hurt for a long time!

  3. Clevelandpoet – everyone should have a bounce house in the backyard. Makes everything better!

    Great idea about stealthly snapping a photo next time I see the creepy guy mowing. I’ll see what I can do.

    Bonne – thanks! I hope your shot goes better then mine did.

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