Ski Bunny

One of the best things about being a parent is introducing some of your favorite things to your kids, right? This is why I’m SO! EXCITED! that Matilda started ski lessons.

I grew up skiing. From age 5 (4?) through age 13 I spent just about every winter Saturday at the local ski hill. It was a family affair – we’d pack up a picnic basket for dinner, load our ski-swap-purchased skis in the station wagon and spend 6+ hours there. We met families from church on the hills and the kids would take lessons or split off to do their own thing, then meet up for dinner in the lodge, followed by more skiing and warming up while playing Miss Pac Man in the lodge. A childhood full of memories was created at that ski resort. We’d go home rosy-cheeked and tired.

I started getting really exited as I read Angella’s tweets and instagrams from her family’s ski vacation. Her Emily and my Matilda are nearly the same age and Emily was learning to ski, too. Knowing that Matilda can get anxious about new situations I asked Angella if Emily had any advice for another 5 year old skier.

Angella went on to add…

We have 2 local ski hills and we chose the smaller of the 2 – hearing that they are better for younger skiers. Plus the lesson price was much cheaper. Because of my lack of calling early in the season we ended up purchasing a private lesson package (group lessons were sold out) and they cut is a great deal on a rental package. We had the lessons, we had the advice, we had the excitement. All we needed was snow.

We finally got some snow and her lessons started a week ago.

Matilda and I got there way too early and she was anxious to try on her skis so I let her get a feel for them outside the lodge. She did pretty well navigating in the bulky equipment. When her lesson time came she scooted off without any hesitation. She spent the hour mostly upright and had a blast.

She told me later that “it was hard, mama, but Emily and her mama said it would be so I didn’t cry. I kept my legs wide. And it did get better! I love skiing!”

Yesterday, her 2nd lesson, she was much more confident … almost cocky. She just wanted to put her feet “in french fries and go fast!” I skied, too and she had fun watching me on skis. (Sidenote: OHMYHOLYHECK I am sore today.) She’s mastered the J-bar but our attempt at the rope-tow was comical. Next time, if she masters her “pizza” maybe I’ll be brave enough to take her on the chair lift with me.

I hope she continues to like it and that she forms her own fond memories of skiing. Of watching the snow swirl in the spotlights as she rides the chair lift. Of feeling the freedom of finally being able to ski on her own. Of feeling the thrill of controlling the speed that is skiing.


*I am linking to Alpine Valley because they really are great for young/beginner skiers. I’ve been impressed with the lessons so far and it’s really laid-back. The terrain is all very tame but enjoyable. I’m posting about my own, paid-for experience. I got nothing from them – they don’t even know I’m posting this. 

4 thoughts on “Ski Bunny

  1. Kelly says:

    How exciting! I wish I knew how to ski, but I’m so afraid to learn now that I’m “old.” Hubs doesn’t know how either. 😦

  2. JMH says:

    I REALLY want to get the cousins together to ski! The rope tows are awful…do they have any hills with the “magic carpet”? That makes life sooo much easier for little skiiers 🙂

    BTW: My anti spam word is Matilda 🙂

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